Friday, April 13, 2012

just a peak at my imagination . . . .

What I think about is kind of funny so enjoy. . . .

1.  For a while I have been thinking how I'm going to decorate my baby's room.  It's fun.  I have only been thinking of girl bedrooms of course cause I now I'm going to have a girl.  It was just a few months ago that there is the tiniest chance that I'll have a boy!  So I tried to think of boy bedrooms, but I could not thing of anything!  So I'll stick to the girl bedroom.
     I imagine the walls painted dark red, and have a big mirror on the wall.  I want her name on the wall some where,  then her crib will be that dark cherry wood with white lacy pillows and blanket (of course those are just for decorations)

2.  I always thought that our family could be a comity show.  Especially at dad's house cause there are nine of us including dad and Dian.  Not to mention Nathan and Caleb are always really funny.  When we were at dad's we went to the BYU creamery, there is only one table that we can all fit in so every time we go there we get that table.  Anyway we were just talking and laughing and this old lady comes up to us ans says" I have been staring at you for so long and I just want you to know that it is wonderful to have a big family like this." and than she left, we did not know who she was!
          The boys are always quoting movies which is always funny.  The last time we went to dad's, the night we got there Nathan was quoting like crazy, one night him and Dian were quoting Dr. Suess, they quoted like every single word!

3.And of course I think about my play, it's in less than two weeks!  I got my lines down but I'm just worried about the other people in the play.  There is this one part where we are all really mad at one person and we are suppose to yell at her and all pounce on her at once, there isn't  supposed to be  a little brake were all supposed to yell at her, well the last time we did the play we all just stared  at each other fora long time we were all thinking. . . .
  who's going to yell first
  what do I do know
would someone hurry up and yell at her
  I of course am just thinking the last one.  I'm not supposed to yell at her and I am very glad I don't have to.


   Well of course I think about way more stuff but those are the main things.  Love you!