Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I refuse to believe the truth

NO!!! WHY!!! And a little more of NO!!! are pretty much how my days turn out . . . and . . . well . . . that's how my days start out to.

   Oh ya . . .

  I'm talking about Harry Potter.

One second I was all excited about Harry and Ginny getting together in the sixth and then I was two chapters away from the end of the seventh!  So all that's left to do is to scream NO!!! WHY!!! And a little more of NO!!! So now (sniff) it is all done.


Seriously, I'm really scared.  I feel sad.  I read Harry Potter.  I'm bored.  I read Harry Potter.  Now I have nothing to do.  It's like I was born into a new, different, dull, world.  Harry made everything all right, I could escape my troubles and fears and go into a world of magic and love and . . . . well . . . . Harry's world.  Imagine this, I'm a pancake and I just got flipped onto the other side of life.  It's like I had my life planed, right in front of me, all in my hands, and then when Harry went it went too.
        The night I finished it I cried so hard! And when I mentioned him in my personal prayers I cried again, and I almost cried today when Aliese told me to go read(she just forgot)  At some point every day I come out of the room with a very sad and depressed face and mom or Aliese say "Whats wrong, oh-" I don't even move and they give me a oh Harry Potter look.  

                                                    wish me luck for the rest of my life