Thursday, January 31, 2013

In a trance

            I suppose Lizzie knows why I haven't been blogging, and maybe grandma.  It's Avonlea.  We have the first three seasons.  But buddy that is just not enough for me and my poor sisters.  We express our passion to have all seven seasons to Lizzie (who has all seven) and she says . . . wait . . . she says . . . . sigh.  Okay she says "You can barrow mine."  You do see of course, that we have memorized all the three seasons know them by heart and have a longing to go on and find out more about our beloved characters.  Felicity and Gus, we were just dieing to get to Felix and Izzy.  We got them all like two weeks ago and we finished the whole thing today.
             We were watching maybe one or two a day at first . . . . at first.  Than we got into the fifth season where everyone was grown up and all the future romances are planted.  Oh man, then it was four a day.  All I have to say is poor Steve.  We quoted them during dishes we daydreamed about living there, we talked about Felix and Izzy, and I played some of the lightmoteafs on the piano.  We were in love, we were completely out of it, we were in a trance.  I couldn't think straight during wish.  I didn't pay attention.  I was waiting and waiting and waiting for one episode in particular for a very long time.  And then it came . . . the second episode of the seventh season.  "Love is blind but neighbors ain't".  I knew from the title, of course that just made me lean forward more.  But as soon as it started, and I mean right after I pressed play me and Gracie jumped up and gasped the biggest gasp EVER.  It was indeed the episode that nobody except me and mom could remember.  The first scene was Felix and Izzy walking in a meadow together (Izzy was in a dress) they looked so perfect together.  I'm going to draw a picture of Felix and Izzy and right down all of there quotes around them.  I'm so excited.

           So there you have it . . . . I'm in a trance.

          And now I want to cry.  It's over, again.