Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink White and a little more Pink

Is Pink nit the number one color of Valentines Day?   Do you need the color Pink for Valentines Day?   Of course you need Pink!  You should always have Pink paper.  AND WE DON'T!!! So we need to go shopping to get Pink paper.  We could buy some paper that has a print on it too.  We can walk to Micheal's it is so cool! I LOVE Micheal's! I could spend Hours there.
      I love making Valentines.  Maybe Grandma could help us make some cute ones! If you want Grandma.  I love doing art! Cutting, gluing, coloring, I love it all.

                                                                    Love you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Play

No we did not do the play we just practiced it. It took SO LONG we didn't even get through half of it! Miss Jodie(the teacher) told us over and over again to make sure the audience see's you and hears you!  Cameron kept on getting in front of the people so the audience could only see the back of Cameron. He was yelling the hole time!  My step mother is a lot shorter then me so when I'm right next to her I look like a giant it's really funny!  We didn't even plan that, but it's really funny!
    It is so fun!  It was my first rehearsal and I loved it! I want to do it again!  It was so funny! I was kind of nervous at first but after a while it was really fun, I guess that's how it always is.  I just want to say something.
                                                             I love drama
                                                           It is so much fun

                                                                 I love it                                                 

Monday, January 16, 2012

new classes!!!

Mom had the idea to do some P.E classes with three family's because they don't do much P.E either.  We meet on Fridays, today is our second week.  Last time only one family came, so only me, mom, Aliese, Gracie, a boy named Cameron, and his dad.  His dad worked us so hard, my legs hurt all week.  We did jumping jacks, shuffled, gallop, spinning, jumping, bounding, running, skipping, limbo, bear crawl, and leap frog.  Yes.  It was that much. There was an award, Cameron's dad said he would give the winner a "crisp buck" me and Cameron won but I didn't want the dollar so Cameron got it.  My legs hurt for five days!
    My next class is with my friends mom and my friend.  We are doing science!!! I love science! We are going to do some science experiments.  I haven't done any yet we start on Wednesday.  It's just me and my friend and her mom.  I cant wait!
       We start WISH tomorrow, but we don't have any new classes.  I want to go to drama so bad it's going to be so fun getting ready for the play! I want to ask if we get costumes I love costumes even though I would wear rags.  My art class used to be really easy but we are getting more advanced! We are fallowing a book and we get to learn how to draw hands.!!! I am not good at hands.
                                                     Love you!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There is a talent show at WISH and me and Aliese are going to sing a song.  Mom is playing the piano and I am singing lower and Aliese is singing normal.  I know you want to know what we are singing so . . . . Sisters. We are singing Sisters from white Christmas.It's so FUN and we know the song really well we were going to sing sunrise sunset but we didn't know it at all.  It's PERFECT because were SISTERS I love singing it.  And I'm not nervous at all.  It's such a funny song so we end up laughing I hope we don't do that when we preform.  It even brought me and Aliese closer, we aren't getting in as many fights.  I wish I could type more but I don't know what to say so . . . . . Love you!!!!   

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My goal this year

So I have been writing in my journal lately and I was writing kind of side ways and I saw on the back of my journal cover some words.  So I go to that page  and the page had nothing on it except some wors in my hand writing Choose to be Happy.  Amy made a blue sign for my mom that says Choose to be Happy.  It makes me so happy looking at it.  Thank you Amy!!!
       A few months ago when Steve was putting in the dish washer,and something went wrong, and one of us asked a question.  Mom thought he would get mad but he didn't, he answered and went back to work with out an angry word.  Mom told me when we were in bed she asked him why he didn't get mad and he said "That choose to be happy sign up there, I believe it it's a choice."and it is and this year I'm going to choose to be happy.  Mom said I was the peace maker in the family once and she said I'm really positive.  So my goal this year is to always try to be happy.  COOL  I  HAVE  A  GOAL!!!!   So not much left to say so Love You and thank you  Amy!!!!!