Monday, January 16, 2012

new classes!!!

Mom had the idea to do some P.E classes with three family's because they don't do much P.E either.  We meet on Fridays, today is our second week.  Last time only one family came, so only me, mom, Aliese, Gracie, a boy named Cameron, and his dad.  His dad worked us so hard, my legs hurt all week.  We did jumping jacks, shuffled, gallop, spinning, jumping, bounding, running, skipping, limbo, bear crawl, and leap frog.  Yes.  It was that much. There was an award, Cameron's dad said he would give the winner a "crisp buck" me and Cameron won but I didn't want the dollar so Cameron got it.  My legs hurt for five days!
    My next class is with my friends mom and my friend.  We are doing science!!! I love science! We are going to do some science experiments.  I haven't done any yet we start on Wednesday.  It's just me and my friend and her mom.  I cant wait!
       We start WISH tomorrow, but we don't have any new classes.  I want to go to drama so bad it's going to be so fun getting ready for the play! I want to ask if we get costumes I love costumes even though I would wear rags.  My art class used to be really easy but we are getting more advanced! We are fallowing a book and we get to learn how to draw hands.!!! I am not good at hands.
                                                     Love you!


  1. That all sounds so awesome! That's good your legs were so sore- that means you worked them good! :) I love hearing about your fun classes. Love you!

  2. I had to laugh about the PE class! I actually still am laughing as I think of it! I can't believe you didn't take the dollar! I would have! That's cool you love science. I'm excited for you to learn to do draw hands. I love that you are home schooled and can do so many fun and interesting things. You would never have gotten to do so many fun things at public school. I wish I could see the play :-( oh well, at least I get to hear your's and Alies's song. So glad you're blogging! I love you and can't wait for the 30th!

  3. Hands, that sounds really cool. Everything sounds great! Glad everything is so exciting! Love you!