Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink White and a little more Pink

Is Pink nit the number one color of Valentines Day?   Do you need the color Pink for Valentines Day?   Of course you need Pink!  You should always have Pink paper.  AND WE DON'T!!! So we need to go shopping to get Pink paper.  We could buy some paper that has a print on it too.  We can walk to Micheal's it is so cool! I LOVE Micheal's! I could spend Hours there.
      I love making Valentines.  Maybe Grandma could help us make some cute ones! If you want Grandma.  I love doing art! Cutting, gluing, coloring, I love it all.

                                                                    Love you!


  1. I would love to help you make valentines and I never get to go to michaels and I love it too! I want to walk there with you guys! I think of Pink, white, and red. Still thrilled you are blogging! love you!!!

  2. I just read your blogs and will reply on this one. I haven't been able to get on your blog, but today I tried it from your mom's blog and walla I got right over. So I am so happy and I hope it will let me comment. I think you are growing up so fast, and I am not ready for that, I still think of you as a little girl, and you are hardly that. I am happy you are enjoying you play and so glad you are doing one, a lot of girls your age would be too scared to do it. I am glad you have fun at Michael's, I was there just yesterday while I was in town. It was really fun, they had a lot of Christmas baskets for 90% off, which meant they only cost 10% of what they were marked. A lot of them just had material with a Christmas motif that was easily removed. So they could be used now for things, but I just couldn't think of anything to use them for. I love you and I love your blog, keep on signing in and blogging. Hugs and Kisses

  3. I just replied to your blog and it disappeared, so will try again. I love that you are blogging and I think you are growing up too fast for me, although I know for you it isn't fast enough. I think the play sounds so fun and I am glad you are brave enough to do it. I went to Michaels yesterday and they had all their Christmas stuff off 90% and some of it was pretty amazing. I would love to make Valentines with you guys. It is so great that your grandma gets to come and visit with you. So happy for her and you girls. Hugs and keep on doing the kickball Love you