Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Oh me me!PICK ME!!!!"

No it is not me that says it, not mom not Steve not Aliese.  Oh yes. Gracie. She says it all the time, do you know when she says it, when we are going to say a prayer.  She does not like prayer's at all! she just wants to eat the food or go to bed.  So when ever she says the prayer she says it really fast! She says the same thing every time! It really bugs me.  I know your going to say "she's little at least she says prayer's a lot" but when she groans every time someone else is picked and yells "ME!" every time your going to say a prayer it is really annoying!  Here are her prayer's

 Heavenly Father
Please bless that we can have a good day tomorrow
Please bless that me Anna and Aliese can get married in the temple
Bless the food
In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

And that is the end, she says it really fast and sometimes blesses Daniel and Clay. 

Well to kind of change the subject after we get home from church or any time Gracie get's the piano bench and teaches primary. Really she does, she leads the music and calls people up to say the prayer or talk or scripture it's funny.  She calls up Annie a lot (imaginary person)Well that's Gracie very imaginative.  Well that's about it love you!  


  1. haha that is funny. annoying for you, but funny to read. love you! thanks for sharing! also: I took a pic of maddie in your head band and it is SOOOOOO CUTE, I just need to put it up on teh blog.

  2. What do you mean she teaches primary? Do all the kids do it? Maybe you guys should have an FHE about prayer. She'll grow out of it.

  3. haha, she's so silly. I love all your little stories you are sharing. They are so fun! Love you!

  4. Anna, Anna.... She will say other things later!! And you are right she is little not quite 7. She's pretty normal for her age. Now that I'm teaching primary, the kids her age are all like that. When you ask for volunteers, they all say, Me,me, or raise their hand like so high you think their hand is going to fly off. I am going to post some of Gracies music, then they can see what you are talking about! love and miss you!!!