Friday, May 10, 2013

What is it with these kids?

           I'm not really complaining, I'm just curios.  Every single time I go to the park, and I mean every time, there is a little curios wonder (a kid) who comes and introduces him or herself.  It doesn't matter if I by myself or with ten other people, if its a park in the zoo or a golf course a little stranger is always there waiting for me to play with them.  One time I was with Aliese at a normal park, we were on our way out when this four year old boy comes up and starts talking like crazy.  He said that I was in an earth quake and that he has always wanted to cause an earth quake.  So the kid starts jumping up and down saying that he was giving the ants an earth quake.  He seemed quite happy because of it.  Then me Gracie and Aliese were playing Yahtzee and one of mom students younger sisters came through our bedroom door (which was tightly shut) and asked if she could play.

           Aliese:  We're almost done and then we can playing again with you okay?
           (she sighs, then nods)
           The creepy little girl:  One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . .

            Remember this is Yahtzee so we're counting and stuff, and with this girl screaming ONE!!!  TWO!!!  THREE!!! In our ear, it isn't as fun.  Aliese asks her to stop.  She totally flips out on us!  Eventully she calms down.  Then she starts talking like 50 syllables per second.  She started talking about movies she highly advised us not to watch a certain movie that was "way to scary" and then told us every detail about it.  I role.  It was a nightmare.

           Okay most of them aren't that bad but oi, the ones who are?  (groan.)  Today me and Gracie are at  a drinking fountain before we go home to the park.  A little girl walks up.

           "Hi, I'm Audrey."

           Her voice was so quiet I could hardly hear her.

           "I'm Anna, it's nice to meet you."

            Then she shyly says  "Do you want to play with me?"

            And I sware her eyes get two times bigger.  She looks so desperate for a friend.  Gracie is still frozen, to scared to move.  The sun beating down on me, sweat burning on my skin.

          "I'm sorry, but we were on our way home."

           "Then maybe . . . maybe we can play next time?"

           "Sure."  I say, aalmost positive that we'll never see each other again.  She waves her hand and says "Bye Anna!"

           "Bye Audry!"  I say.  I come back home wondering why kids stick to me like lether.  Why do they all ask me to play instead of other kids their age?  Has this ever happened to you?