Thursday, February 14, 2013

Attention, attention!!! I need your full concentration!

         This may sound stupid after the title, but I wanted to get your attention.  I have asked everyone I know and this is what I get "Uh . . . . " and that's about it.  I thought of it last night and I couldn't sleep all night so PLEASE DON'T FAIL ME NOW!!!  Now it's really gonna sound stupid.  I need some names, and it's not for the reason you think.  So there it is.  Now your saying oh Anna you nearly gave me a heart attack I was so worried and all you wanted was names?'  Okay hears the thing.  Everyone I have asked (accept little kids) give me maybe one name.  And buddy it drives me nuts.  The little kids would be enough but since there names are stuff like Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine, and Nebacaniezer it doesn't work.  Not to mention, once they get going they never stop.  Seriously they don't even stop for breath.  So long story short do not write a comment unless you have three our more of your favorite names.  (your children's names do not count.)

        By the way I'm thinking of talking well . . . writing in third person like house elves.  "But Dobby had to come . . . . Dobby had to come to Harry Potter to warn him."  "Kreacher was watching."  (giggle.)