Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm sadly becoming more and more like Aliese

           It isn't that I wouldn't want to be more like Aliese, it's just weird and different.  We've always been our separate person, right?   And come to think of it, Aliese wouldn't let me be like her if I wanted to.  It's not really what I'm doing that makes me like her, but it's my cravings.
            Ever since I finished Les Miserables I' v been reading books like crazy.  Now to speak of something we weren't talking about, has everyone seen Aliese's book collection?  I think she has counted sixty or seventy books, eighty with her journals.  Some are beautiful and expensive copies.  Others are just paper back but still look brand new, when they were bought when she was in kindergarten.  Anyway, there's a whole lot of them.  There is a curtain collection of great classics that are the most beautiful beautiful books she's been given (or gotten herself.)  And I started taking a strange fancy to them.  And it sort of scared me.  Cause I don't own one book of my own, and I don't care.  Do I?
            It was maybe two weeks ago, when mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Instead of screaming without hesitation "Cloths!  Always more cloths!" I thought a second.  I thought of Les Miserables, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Great Expectations.  Then I thought of the collection of classics on Aliese's shelf.  How ebarrest I felt for saying what I felt.  But if I want something very Christmas, I want something for Christmas.
           "I want-"
           This was interrupted by a depressed sigh.
           "You know the collection of beautiful classics you got Aliese last year?"
            Mom nods her head suspiciously.
           "I want something like that with my favorite books."

             Don't think that I'm scared of changing at all.  I'm not, I don't need any comments of advise but mere appreciation.