Sunday, August 17, 2014

And of course i have to blog about it . . . .

          The Man From Snowy River.  (A groan goes across the audience, and Grandma and Grandpa role their eyes.)
          And it all began because of my dear parents who hooked me and Aliese on it when we were really little.  Even then we had sort of a thing for cowboys.  We remembered slightly what really happened, we remembered Jessica's name, but not Jim's, it was a blur but we remembered we liked it, even though we hadn't seen it in years.  But on the way to Girl's Camp with my friend Christeny who I am the complete opposite of in every way, found something in common!  She loves the Man From Snowy River!  I flipped out, not really knowing what I was flipping out about, something in the back of my brain saying "What if its nothing like I remember?"  But Christeny (who is terribly convincing) told me that I had to like it, and I believed her.  I asked if she had the movie (which she did) and we promised that wew ould watch it as soon as possible after Girl's Camp and before we went to Oregon, to watch it.
          On our hike at Girl's Camp was when I remembered to tell Aliese who obviously remembered much more of it then I did and she screamed "What?  Christeny has had it in her house all this time?"  And thank goodness we weren't going up a steep hill because honestly she would have tumbled down the hill.
          Thank goodness Christeny is persistent.  It's just like a friend to say we have to come over and watch something but we never do, or they say they'll call to make a date but they never do, Christeny is not like that.  I think she called something like everyday after Girl's Camp until we went to her house and actually watched it.  And we watched it while saying the entire time "I remember!"  Aliese acted like a complete fan girl as the music that suddenly sounded so familiar to us came on screen with the sun rising behind the mountains.
          And it was everything and more then I remembered, and now, our new obsession, which Grandma and Grandpa are definitely aware of, after just watching it and then straight afterwards going to Oregon just to talk about it more there.  And they had the movie as well so of course we watched it, and they had the second movie so of course we watched it, and Nonnie and Papi had it at their house so when we were their (even though we could have been helping with food or talking with family) we of course had to watch it.  Poor Grandpa definitely got annoyed and was not ashamed to tell us.  I remember after dinner, Grandma, Grandpa, and my mom having a different conversation as me and Aliese argued of when Jim (the main character) precisely tilted his head in one scene.  No lie, it happened, and we've laughed at ourselves about it ever since.
          Aliese and I have learned the music on the piano (the Man From Snowy River was the only thing that could make Aliese get back on the piano, which is probably one of the reasons mom is not so annoyed as Grandpa was.)

          So anyway, moral of the story is if you haven't seen the Man From Snowy River before, see it.