Monday, October 22, 2012

Harry Potter all over again

Oh I'm devastated.

This isn't fair.

It can't be true.


         Okay I have pulled myself together and I'm ready to tell you what has happened.  So you know a post or two ago when I was talking about that amazing book and movie Flipped?  Well I don't know if I told you that Aliese started reading it aloud to us.  We spent two or so weeks in heaven and than died all over again when it was done.  First Harry Potter than Little House on the Prairie and than Disnyland.  We were lost and troubled souls.  But than the book Flipped pulled us out of the depths of despair and we were saved!  We got the movie and oh how we loved it.  Than rather suddenly and without warning mom took it back to the library and what were we left with?  Nothing.  Me and Gracie through a tantrum.  Than the heavens opened once again and every day we escaped into the world of Flipped.  For to weeks we had something to hold on to.  And than . . . . just the other day . . . . didn't even have the book.  We fell down down down down past the depths of despair and into nothingness.  When the movie was gone we would say " At least we have the book" but than we didn't.  What do we do know?  What do we think about? What do we have to look forward to?  The only heaven we have these days is when we are watching Avonlea.  Yes.  I suppose that does mean that we are holding on to something.  But we don't watch it everyday.  So . . . . we are left in the depths of despair.

Oh this world of ufortunate events.

 Oh this world of disappointment.

Oh this world of lessons to be learned.  Even though I wasn't taught a lesson because of this.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weather forecast and some other things

        Maybe a week ago I was getting out of bed with a blanket and robe, I was starting to get hopeful thinking that it is finally going to cool down.  Well my friend I was wrong. 
         Mornings are okay and mom says "It feels great out here!  You should go to the park!"  Not me.  Nope.  By ten o'clock the sun is burning and you are sweating.  I can't imagine getting up with a blanket anymore.  Last week wish was canceled because it was 106 degree's out there, and our building is hotter inside than out.  Can you even imagine?  All I have worn to wish at all is skirts, skirts and the shortest shorts I can find(witch really aren't that short) but mainly skirts.This new weather forecast is driveing mom insane!  She comes back from the grocery store and what do we hear . . . "Oh, it is SO HOT out there!!!"  just what we want to here, she's basically saying we can't go to the park today.  It's like we're snowed in.  We only go out side when we have to.
          Now for some other annoying stuff.  She's seven, she has brown hair and blue eye's . . . . ding ding ding!  Gracie.  She hasn't really done anything wrong it's just super annoying.  Her cloths.  Oh boy it bugs me big time.  Gracie chooses a church dress and tap dancing shoes to wear for a week or so.  Yep.  She wears the same church cloths every single dirty day of the week.  She eats, plays, sings, dances, plays in the dirt with the same cloths.  Oh man, they are dirty, they are super dirty.

I'll try to hold on till she grows out of it, love you.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flipped over flipped

You know what I'm talking about?

Probably not.

Flipped(sigh) is an unbelievably awesome book.  And movie.  It's about a girl who has a huge crush on this boy who hates her cause she is so annoying . . . but things change.  Anyway, Aliese's friend let her barrow it cause she thought she would like it.  So . . . Aliese read it.  And loved it.  And in three days she finished the 212 paged book and started mopeing about the house like me with Harry Potter(but not as bad)  she looked to see if the library had the movie and after finding out that they did she couldn't stop saying "Oh I can't wait!" or "This is agony!" or "I can't wait much longer!" sounding like me when I have to go to the bathroom during the dishes.  Aliese reminded mom to get flipped millions of times before she went to the store, and when she got home we're like "Where is it?  Where is it?"  and she forgot it.  When she was gone me and Gracie got excited and anxious too.  Than when mom got back she made us wait a half hour till we watched it because she would be gone.  So we waited a stupid HALF HOUR!!!

Mom left.

There was no silence.  As soon as mom shut the door Aliese climbed down from her loft, I shut the computure and Gracie shut her mouth. We ran to the couch put the DVD in the DVD player and press menu.  There it was . . . . the menu . . . . we listend to the music for a sec than . . . . we pressed play.
        After about ninty minutes of laughing, sighing, crying, admiring, even yelling it ended.  Than we listened to the theme song "pretty little angel eyes" from the fifties(that's when it takes place) and danced to it.  Than it went back to the menu.  All was still.  Than me or Gracie asked if we could watch it again.  "Do you really want to?"  me and Gracie nodded.  So . . . . we watched it again!  It's the kind of movie you can watch over and over again and never get tired of.  It got better and better.  We probably have watched it eight times in five day.  I'm not kidding!  Plus the special features that we watched just as many times.  So we are really obsessed here.
       We quote it all the time.  And the actor who plays one of the main characters is from austrailia but he can talk with out the accent.  But in the special features he talks with it and I quote him all the time with the accent and Aliese laughs every time.  We have gone one whole day without watching it so that is pretty impressive.  I hope we can watch it at least one more time before mom takes it back.  I even had a dream about it.

Well got to go.  Love you!