Monday, October 8, 2012

Weather forecast and some other things

        Maybe a week ago I was getting out of bed with a blanket and robe, I was starting to get hopeful thinking that it is finally going to cool down.  Well my friend I was wrong. 
         Mornings are okay and mom says "It feels great out here!  You should go to the park!"  Not me.  Nope.  By ten o'clock the sun is burning and you are sweating.  I can't imagine getting up with a blanket anymore.  Last week wish was canceled because it was 106 degree's out there, and our building is hotter inside than out.  Can you even imagine?  All I have worn to wish at all is skirts, skirts and the shortest shorts I can find(witch really aren't that short) but mainly skirts.This new weather forecast is driveing mom insane!  She comes back from the grocery store and what do we hear . . . "Oh, it is SO HOT out there!!!"  just what we want to here, she's basically saying we can't go to the park today.  It's like we're snowed in.  We only go out side when we have to.
          Now for some other annoying stuff.  She's seven, she has brown hair and blue eye's . . . . ding ding ding!  Gracie.  She hasn't really done anything wrong it's just super annoying.  Her cloths.  Oh boy it bugs me big time.  Gracie chooses a church dress and tap dancing shoes to wear for a week or so.  Yep.  She wears the same church cloths every single dirty day of the week.  She eats, plays, sings, dances, plays in the dirt with the same cloths.  Oh man, they are dirty, they are super dirty.

I'll try to hold on till she grows out of it, love you.


  1. hahah oh Anna. You crack me up about Gracie. She will grow out of it! Our weather is getting CHILLY! I won't be surprised if we see snow in the next few weeks. It's been in the 50's. It's pretty nice though cause it's not SO cold you want to die. But its chilly enough to cuddle up in a blanket and wear sweaters. Love you!

  2. I'm glad you are trying to get a hold on Gracies clothing choices. She is still young!!! I remember when you were her age, you had your little quirks too. I don't envy your weather, Wouldn't it be cool if we could get some of your hot weather to mix with ours. Then we could be warmer and you could be cooler. But alas that will never happen. love you!!!!!!!!!!!!