Monday, October 22, 2012

Harry Potter all over again

Oh I'm devastated.

This isn't fair.

It can't be true.


         Okay I have pulled myself together and I'm ready to tell you what has happened.  So you know a post or two ago when I was talking about that amazing book and movie Flipped?  Well I don't know if I told you that Aliese started reading it aloud to us.  We spent two or so weeks in heaven and than died all over again when it was done.  First Harry Potter than Little House on the Prairie and than Disnyland.  We were lost and troubled souls.  But than the book Flipped pulled us out of the depths of despair and we were saved!  We got the movie and oh how we loved it.  Than rather suddenly and without warning mom took it back to the library and what were we left with?  Nothing.  Me and Gracie through a tantrum.  Than the heavens opened once again and every day we escaped into the world of Flipped.  For to weeks we had something to hold on to.  And than . . . . just the other day . . . . didn't even have the book.  We fell down down down down past the depths of despair and into nothingness.  When the movie was gone we would say " At least we have the book" but than we didn't.  What do we do know?  What do we think about? What do we have to look forward to?  The only heaven we have these days is when we are watching Avonlea.  Yes.  I suppose that does mean that we are holding on to something.  But we don't watch it everyday.  So . . . . we are left in the depths of despair.

Oh this world of ufortunate events.

 Oh this world of disappointment.

Oh this world of lessons to be learned.  Even though I wasn't taught a lesson because of this.


  1. haha you crack me up. You guys need to find a new book! Have you read Little Women? Good movie. I've heard it's a great book. Love you!!!

  2. You crazy girl love your blog love you!