Thursday, February 6, 2014

I guess this makes me and Alises official girls

          "Official" as in now, somewhat ordinary.  We were always girls.

          Before we listened to Nora Jones, Carol King, Broadway, and piano performances.  Nothing against them, it just isn't something every teenager and pre teenagers would listen to now a days.  If I looked on the bright side of the music we listened to it would turn out something like this "It makes us unique."  Not genuine, not special, but unique.  As for the shows we watched, it kind of came down to Little House on the Prairie and Jane Austine movies.  NOTHING against them, just not quite normal for people me and Aliese's age.
         EVERYTHING (In the subject of being a normal girl and listening to music) CHANGED when Aliese made friends with some girls obsessed with One Direction. 
          Before we go any deeper we have to get one thing straight.  We were not against One Direction.  We only knew one of the member's name.  We could recognize NONE of their faces unless it said One Direction below them.  I remember being in Clair's in the mall looking at a poster of One Direction thinking NOTHING of them.  And that was the honest truth.  I laughed at other girls who were obsessed.  Because their really (as far as I could see) nothing special about them.  I had of course, then, only heard one of their songs which still comes on the radio way to much.  I'm sure we are all familiar with that song.  Anyway, that was my first impression of One Direction. 
           Aliese's friends made her go to the One Direction movie that had just come out.  A few days later I heard her singing a song I had never heard before.  I liked it.  "What is that?" I ask her.  Aliese gives me a funny look, smiles, and says "You like it?" I answer yes and she laughs.  When told me it was One Direction I laughed too.  That was when We started listening to it when we did the dishes.  The beginning of us becoming more normal. 
          Jason was born and Grandma came.  She said she would take us to a movie but their really wasn't anything good in the movie theater.  Gracie laughed and said "What if we went to the One Direction movie?"  We all laugh and then calm down.  Everyone was quiet in thought for a couple of seconds, thinking about the idea, and suddenly thinking that it wasn't that funny.  We all kind of noticed each other considering it, but no one had the guts to say so.  It was Grandma who said "Do . . . do you guys want to go?"  I said I didn't care, Aliese said it was a good movie and really clean.  Everyone could tell Gracie wanted to go. And we went. 
          It was clean, it was funny, it was a good movie.  That meant nothing more except that we new they all had a sense of humor.  That was also the day where we all picked favorites. 
          NOTE:  We were not obsessed.  We liked their music we liked their movie. We liked One Direction.
          I don't really know how it happened but every time we were board we would look up One Direction interviews or something.  SIMPLY to be entertained.  We will never have One Direction posters on our walls.  Or a pillow with their faces on it.  I still think that is pretty gross.  But we still like them because of their clean and fun music and their humor.  I'm not going to deny, they do have some adorable members but that is not the main reason why we like them. 
          I guess by now we can say we like them a lot.  Because of what Aliese was given for her birthday because of my unshakable endurance and determination.  Perhaps some of you know the whole hullabaloo thing about getting the One Direction tickets which turned into an epic fail.  If not I'll tell you, it was not the funnest thing I have been through.  Everyone gave up and tried to put it completely behind them.  Except me.  I searched harder and longer for better prices and easier ways of buying them.  Through a lot more hullabaloo mom said she would buy Aliese a ticket for her birthday, but I would have to buy my own.  Ticket?  I guess I didn't really mention that One Direction is coming to the Rose Bowl in September.  We will be in the nosebleed section of the Rose Bowl, but who cares?  Mom made it clear to us that we would go not because we wanted to hear good music but for the experience and having the thrill in being in the same place as the most popular boy band in the world. 
          So . . . . . they are bought.  It is done.  We are thrilled.  Or . . . I am thrilled I don't think Aliese believes it yet.

          And no, we are still not obsessed.  Compared to some girls out their we don't even know their names (which we now do.)  So don't leave a comment like this "Oh Anna, you crack me up.  I hate to break it to you but you ARE obsessed."  Seriously me and Aliese aren't.  Okay?