Monday, November 19, 2012

This is totally Gracie

So this was totally weird for me.  I always thought Gracie waas some what of a normal kid.  But then . . . . I saw her with kids her age.

          So I take two hours of ballet a week.  Tuesday and Wensday.  On Tuesday I go with Gracie, but on Wensday I went alone.  And mom teaches my teachers kids like an hour and a half before my ballet.  So I go with mom to teach her kids and stay there until ballet starts.  Get it?  So I stay there for an hour and a half drawing our something until my ballet starts.  But Gracie said "I want to do two hours of ballet too!" So I go with her now.  Her ballet class is right before mine.  So we wait for like fifteen minuts untill her ballet class starts and I watch her class and than right after hers mine starts.  So I watch Gracie with a whole bunch of girls heer age do ballet.  And what have I noticed . . . .?

      Gracie is a total TEENAGER!!!  She talks way more than all the other girls, and uses totally different words, it just sounds different when she says it.  It's HILARIOUS!!!  She sings Taylor Swift songs and stuff like that.  She is a . . . a . . . I don't know, a total girl!  She wears lip gloss everywhere and buys purses and jewlery.  And I never noticed it untill that ballet class.  She would say stuff that I wondered wow . . . did she really say that?  Yes.  Yes she did.
      Well it's not really her fault, it's me and Aliese.  Aliese it a teenager, and I am just as giggly and girly as her if not more so.  Me and Aliese laugh sometimes nonstop.  We primp, and look in the mirror.  Sing songs twenty four seven.  It's totally me and Aliese.
     Okay, after all this your probably like "Anna I don't believe you" but to make it a little more believeable she is still afraid of toenail clippers and hates taking showers.  She still wines, and wines, and wines, and hits, and scream's, and demands.  Yep, so I guess she's only half teenager.   

Monday, November 5, 2012

Four good but pointless reasons why Jane Austin days were the time to live

      I love Jane Austin.  For many many reasons.  There are times when I can't help myself and I lock myself in the bathroom and talk to myself in a British accent.  Once when I had an ugly cold and I spent all day on the couch for a week I had a Jane Austin marathon.  I watched the first and second part of Pride and Prejudice and then ate something and than watched the other pride and Prejudice and than ate something and than watched Sense and Sensibility.  Good times.  I have tried and tried to read Pride and Prejudice and I have liked it a lot but just taken to long.  I have gotten as far as fifty pages and have really enjoyed it.  I started again today.  Now mom counts it for school,  I read maybe two chapters and write down a word that I don't know the meaning of and look it up in the dictionary and write my own sentence with that word, I love it!

1.  We have maids.  Oh maids!  Maids who clean my room and sweep the floor and make our beds and most of all do the dishes!  Why do you have to be rich to hire a maid?  Why can't everyone have maids like back then?  Oh man, I want a maid like crazy.

2.  No school.  None.  No math, no history, no science, Nothing.  Lucky ducks.  My only question is what do they do all day? Well they needle point pillows and paint tables and play the piano.  Oh and they draw.  Talk about heaven.  I mean seriously those were the days to live.  No school, no chores.  It was Saturday everyday for them,  half of my day is school.  Well . . . not really half but almost.  I just have to say it one more time.  No school.  No chores.  Heaven. 

3.  Their dresses.  Okay, I like love fancy ball gown flowy dresses.  What girl doesn't?  To wear one of there dresses for a whole day would be a dream come true.  I just love the style and I would just love to wear it.  I would feel so pretty and natural in those dresses.  The only problem about the dresses is that if I ever wore them I would not stop twirling and dancing.  I just love those dresses so much and I don't know why.  You know what I found out?  Well aparently all the Jane Austin movies share dresses.  Mary Ann wore a dress Lizzy wore in the movie.  And Jane wore a dress that someone else wore( I don't remember who) and so on. Have you ever noticed that?  So I started paying closer attention to there dresses when we watched the movies but I really could tell.  Clever people.  Saving money.

4.  Balls.  I want to go to a ball.  Proms and dances are just not the same.  You have a real live orchestra right in front of you. I would spend a half hour just staring at all the instruments.  Then I would spend the rest of the time dancing . . . oh I would dance all night!  All those fun jumpy songs they play . . . they all look like there having the time of there life, and there always laughing and smiling.  All those twist and turns, and jumps and twirls looks SO fun!!!!   Of course there are other pretty dances like the one that Lizzy and Mr. Darcy dance to that is slow and sort of depressing, but in ballet we listen to the same piece of music!  There the same except the one in ballet has lots of violins playing instead of just one, and the one in ballet is faster and better!  Every time my teacher plays this piece I bob my head and hum while doing the exorcize.

        My dream is to be in a Jane Austin play.  Most likely that will not happen.  A girl can dream.