Monday, November 19, 2012

This is totally Gracie

So this was totally weird for me.  I always thought Gracie waas some what of a normal kid.  But then . . . . I saw her with kids her age.

          So I take two hours of ballet a week.  Tuesday and Wensday.  On Tuesday I go with Gracie, but on Wensday I went alone.  And mom teaches my teachers kids like an hour and a half before my ballet.  So I go with mom to teach her kids and stay there until ballet starts.  Get it?  So I stay there for an hour and a half drawing our something until my ballet starts.  But Gracie said "I want to do two hours of ballet too!" So I go with her now.  Her ballet class is right before mine.  So we wait for like fifteen minuts untill her ballet class starts and I watch her class and than right after hers mine starts.  So I watch Gracie with a whole bunch of girls heer age do ballet.  And what have I noticed . . . .?

      Gracie is a total TEENAGER!!!  She talks way more than all the other girls, and uses totally different words, it just sounds different when she says it.  It's HILARIOUS!!!  She sings Taylor Swift songs and stuff like that.  She is a . . . a . . . I don't know, a total girl!  She wears lip gloss everywhere and buys purses and jewlery.  And I never noticed it untill that ballet class.  She would say stuff that I wondered wow . . . did she really say that?  Yes.  Yes she did.
      Well it's not really her fault, it's me and Aliese.  Aliese it a teenager, and I am just as giggly and girly as her if not more so.  Me and Aliese laugh sometimes nonstop.  We primp, and look in the mirror.  Sing songs twenty four seven.  It's totally me and Aliese.
     Okay, after all this your probably like "Anna I don't believe you" but to make it a little more believeable she is still afraid of toenail clippers and hates taking showers.  She still wines, and wines, and wines, and hits, and scream's, and demands.  Yep, so I guess she's only half teenager.   


  1. Love your blogs!! It is no surprise to me that Gracie is different! The baby always acts older than her age. I love how you describe things. love you and miss you sooooo much!

  2. you are a great writer!!! I believe you 100%!!!! She totally talks like a teenager and it is so funny. I'm so excited to see you guys!!!! I'm excited for you to see my house! it's not decorated yet, but atleast you'll get to see it! love you!

  3. haha so funny. I totally believe you because I know Gracie just acts a lot like you older girls! She is so funny! Love you!