Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The prince with no name

   So I had this idea for a story and I need your help.  Desperately.  One of the best parts of writing a story is the names.  You get to pick out your favorite names for the characters.  Of course this is also one of the hardest parts in writing a story.  You know what I'm talking about?
   It's the hero, the prince charming (literally prince charming) I have three good names and I can't decide which one to do.  Dad, Aliese, Gracie, and Diane all have different opinions, this makes life pretty difficult.  So what do you think?

Cedric (and I'll figure out a good last name)
Ky Brix
Braxton Sky

    So . . . . there it is.  He's brave, strong, handsome, you know . . . . prince charming.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

A post about long, loud, high pitched screams

I find it very hard to start a post.

   Okay, I have decided to post about Aliese and the fun we have together.  Well . . . the fun I have playing with her.  When I say "playing" I mean teasing, and when I say "teasing" I mean scaring her.
   Aliese is not only easy to scare, but she is fun to scare.  In California we have a really dark hall, so when Aliese goes in the bathroom (which is at the end of the hall) I follow her.  When I hear the toilet flush, I put on this really serious and scary face expression, and wait.  Than she opens the door and see's the outline of a dark figure.  What does she do?  She screams.  Long, loud, hallarious, high pitched scream.

At times, I think Aliese is scared of me.

(evil laugh)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am a green eyed girl get it?

Who?  Me.  Greens eyes.  I wouldn't mind if someone called me that, it's better then blue eyes anyway.

     Okay look, I have nothing against blue eyes I'm just proud I have green eyes.  At wish yesterday someone told me I had blue eyes.  "No, I have green eyes."  I say, than she says "Really?"  feeling very close to this person I say " No . . . I know what color of eyes I have, they are most definitely green, thank you very much."  she gets closer, than she says " No, no I think there blue."  ready to yell " I KNOW MY EYES BETTER THAN YOU SO BE QUIET!!!"  I said slowly so she could hear me clearly "Take my word for it."  she gets closer " Oh!  They are green!"  Oh wow I was right!  I knew what color of eyes I have!  I can't believe I'm that smart!  Duh.