Friday, December 21, 2012

A post about long, loud, high pitched screams

I find it very hard to start a post.

   Okay, I have decided to post about Aliese and the fun we have together.  Well . . . the fun I have playing with her.  When I say "playing" I mean teasing, and when I say "teasing" I mean scaring her.
   Aliese is not only easy to scare, but she is fun to scare.  In California we have a really dark hall, so when Aliese goes in the bathroom (which is at the end of the hall) I follow her.  When I hear the toilet flush, I put on this really serious and scary face expression, and wait.  Than she opens the door and see's the outline of a dark figure.  What does she do?  She screams.  Long, loud, hallarious, high pitched scream.

At times, I think Aliese is scared of me.

(evil laugh)


  1. Anna you are so funny. I love you and miss you and wish you guys were here to scare me.

  2. haha your mom's comment. you are so mean! but danielle and i did the same thing. Only I would quietly wait outside the door, so that my nose touched the door, with a straight face, so when she opened the door, there i was staring at her- hahah. love you- and you remind me of me and danielle. which i love . love you.