Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The prince with no name

   So I had this idea for a story and I need your help.  Desperately.  One of the best parts of writing a story is the names.  You get to pick out your favorite names for the characters.  Of course this is also one of the hardest parts in writing a story.  You know what I'm talking about?
   It's the hero, the prince charming (literally prince charming) I have three good names and I can't decide which one to do.  Dad, Aliese, Gracie, and Diane all have different opinions, this makes life pretty difficult.  So what do you think?

Cedric (and I'll figure out a good last name)
Ky Brix
Braxton Sky

    So . . . . there it is.  He's brave, strong, handsome, you know . . . . prince charming.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

A post about long, loud, high pitched screams

I find it very hard to start a post.

   Okay, I have decided to post about Aliese and the fun we have together.  Well . . . the fun I have playing with her.  When I say "playing" I mean teasing, and when I say "teasing" I mean scaring her.
   Aliese is not only easy to scare, but she is fun to scare.  In California we have a really dark hall, so when Aliese goes in the bathroom (which is at the end of the hall) I follow her.  When I hear the toilet flush, I put on this really serious and scary face expression, and wait.  Than she opens the door and see's the outline of a dark figure.  What does she do?  She screams.  Long, loud, hallarious, high pitched scream.

At times, I think Aliese is scared of me.

(evil laugh)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I am a green eyed girl get it?

Who?  Me.  Greens eyes.  I wouldn't mind if someone called me that, it's better then blue eyes anyway.

     Okay look, I have nothing against blue eyes I'm just proud I have green eyes.  At wish yesterday someone told me I had blue eyes.  "No, I have green eyes."  I say, than she says "Really?"  feeling very close to this person I say " No . . . I know what color of eyes I have, they are most definitely green, thank you very much."  she gets closer, than she says " No, no I think there blue."  ready to yell " I KNOW MY EYES BETTER THAN YOU SO BE QUIET!!!"  I said slowly so she could hear me clearly "Take my word for it."  she gets closer " Oh!  They are green!"  Oh wow I was right!  I knew what color of eyes I have!  I can't believe I'm that smart!  Duh.

Monday, November 19, 2012

This is totally Gracie

So this was totally weird for me.  I always thought Gracie waas some what of a normal kid.  But then . . . . I saw her with kids her age.

          So I take two hours of ballet a week.  Tuesday and Wensday.  On Tuesday I go with Gracie, but on Wensday I went alone.  And mom teaches my teachers kids like an hour and a half before my ballet.  So I go with mom to teach her kids and stay there until ballet starts.  Get it?  So I stay there for an hour and a half drawing our something until my ballet starts.  But Gracie said "I want to do two hours of ballet too!" So I go with her now.  Her ballet class is right before mine.  So we wait for like fifteen minuts untill her ballet class starts and I watch her class and than right after hers mine starts.  So I watch Gracie with a whole bunch of girls heer age do ballet.  And what have I noticed . . . .?

      Gracie is a total TEENAGER!!!  She talks way more than all the other girls, and uses totally different words, it just sounds different when she says it.  It's HILARIOUS!!!  She sings Taylor Swift songs and stuff like that.  She is a . . . a . . . I don't know, a total girl!  She wears lip gloss everywhere and buys purses and jewlery.  And I never noticed it untill that ballet class.  She would say stuff that I wondered wow . . . did she really say that?  Yes.  Yes she did.
      Well it's not really her fault, it's me and Aliese.  Aliese it a teenager, and I am just as giggly and girly as her if not more so.  Me and Aliese laugh sometimes nonstop.  We primp, and look in the mirror.  Sing songs twenty four seven.  It's totally me and Aliese.
     Okay, after all this your probably like "Anna I don't believe you" but to make it a little more believeable she is still afraid of toenail clippers and hates taking showers.  She still wines, and wines, and wines, and hits, and scream's, and demands.  Yep, so I guess she's only half teenager.   

Monday, November 5, 2012

Four good but pointless reasons why Jane Austin days were the time to live

      I love Jane Austin.  For many many reasons.  There are times when I can't help myself and I lock myself in the bathroom and talk to myself in a British accent.  Once when I had an ugly cold and I spent all day on the couch for a week I had a Jane Austin marathon.  I watched the first and second part of Pride and Prejudice and then ate something and than watched the other pride and Prejudice and than ate something and than watched Sense and Sensibility.  Good times.  I have tried and tried to read Pride and Prejudice and I have liked it a lot but just taken to long.  I have gotten as far as fifty pages and have really enjoyed it.  I started again today.  Now mom counts it for school,  I read maybe two chapters and write down a word that I don't know the meaning of and look it up in the dictionary and write my own sentence with that word, I love it!

1.  We have maids.  Oh maids!  Maids who clean my room and sweep the floor and make our beds and most of all do the dishes!  Why do you have to be rich to hire a maid?  Why can't everyone have maids like back then?  Oh man, I want a maid like crazy.

2.  No school.  None.  No math, no history, no science, Nothing.  Lucky ducks.  My only question is what do they do all day? Well they needle point pillows and paint tables and play the piano.  Oh and they draw.  Talk about heaven.  I mean seriously those were the days to live.  No school, no chores.  It was Saturday everyday for them,  half of my day is school.  Well . . . not really half but almost.  I just have to say it one more time.  No school.  No chores.  Heaven. 

3.  Their dresses.  Okay, I like love fancy ball gown flowy dresses.  What girl doesn't?  To wear one of there dresses for a whole day would be a dream come true.  I just love the style and I would just love to wear it.  I would feel so pretty and natural in those dresses.  The only problem about the dresses is that if I ever wore them I would not stop twirling and dancing.  I just love those dresses so much and I don't know why.  You know what I found out?  Well aparently all the Jane Austin movies share dresses.  Mary Ann wore a dress Lizzy wore in the movie.  And Jane wore a dress that someone else wore( I don't remember who) and so on. Have you ever noticed that?  So I started paying closer attention to there dresses when we watched the movies but I really could tell.  Clever people.  Saving money.

4.  Balls.  I want to go to a ball.  Proms and dances are just not the same.  You have a real live orchestra right in front of you. I would spend a half hour just staring at all the instruments.  Then I would spend the rest of the time dancing . . . oh I would dance all night!  All those fun jumpy songs they play . . . they all look like there having the time of there life, and there always laughing and smiling.  All those twist and turns, and jumps and twirls looks SO fun!!!!   Of course there are other pretty dances like the one that Lizzy and Mr. Darcy dance to that is slow and sort of depressing, but in ballet we listen to the same piece of music!  There the same except the one in ballet has lots of violins playing instead of just one, and the one in ballet is faster and better!  Every time my teacher plays this piece I bob my head and hum while doing the exorcize.

        My dream is to be in a Jane Austin play.  Most likely that will not happen.  A girl can dream.   

Monday, October 22, 2012

Harry Potter all over again

Oh I'm devastated.

This isn't fair.

It can't be true.


         Okay I have pulled myself together and I'm ready to tell you what has happened.  So you know a post or two ago when I was talking about that amazing book and movie Flipped?  Well I don't know if I told you that Aliese started reading it aloud to us.  We spent two or so weeks in heaven and than died all over again when it was done.  First Harry Potter than Little House on the Prairie and than Disnyland.  We were lost and troubled souls.  But than the book Flipped pulled us out of the depths of despair and we were saved!  We got the movie and oh how we loved it.  Than rather suddenly and without warning mom took it back to the library and what were we left with?  Nothing.  Me and Gracie through a tantrum.  Than the heavens opened once again and every day we escaped into the world of Flipped.  For to weeks we had something to hold on to.  And than . . . . just the other day . . . . didn't even have the book.  We fell down down down down past the depths of despair and into nothingness.  When the movie was gone we would say " At least we have the book" but than we didn't.  What do we do know?  What do we think about? What do we have to look forward to?  The only heaven we have these days is when we are watching Avonlea.  Yes.  I suppose that does mean that we are holding on to something.  But we don't watch it everyday.  So . . . . we are left in the depths of despair.

Oh this world of ufortunate events.

 Oh this world of disappointment.

Oh this world of lessons to be learned.  Even though I wasn't taught a lesson because of this.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weather forecast and some other things

        Maybe a week ago I was getting out of bed with a blanket and robe, I was starting to get hopeful thinking that it is finally going to cool down.  Well my friend I was wrong. 
         Mornings are okay and mom says "It feels great out here!  You should go to the park!"  Not me.  Nope.  By ten o'clock the sun is burning and you are sweating.  I can't imagine getting up with a blanket anymore.  Last week wish was canceled because it was 106 degree's out there, and our building is hotter inside than out.  Can you even imagine?  All I have worn to wish at all is skirts, skirts and the shortest shorts I can find(witch really aren't that short) but mainly skirts.This new weather forecast is driveing mom insane!  She comes back from the grocery store and what do we hear . . . "Oh, it is SO HOT out there!!!"  just what we want to here, she's basically saying we can't go to the park today.  It's like we're snowed in.  We only go out side when we have to.
          Now for some other annoying stuff.  She's seven, she has brown hair and blue eye's . . . . ding ding ding!  Gracie.  She hasn't really done anything wrong it's just super annoying.  Her cloths.  Oh boy it bugs me big time.  Gracie chooses a church dress and tap dancing shoes to wear for a week or so.  Yep.  She wears the same church cloths every single dirty day of the week.  She eats, plays, sings, dances, plays in the dirt with the same cloths.  Oh man, they are dirty, they are super dirty.

I'll try to hold on till she grows out of it, love you.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flipped over flipped

You know what I'm talking about?

Probably not.

Flipped(sigh) is an unbelievably awesome book.  And movie.  It's about a girl who has a huge crush on this boy who hates her cause she is so annoying . . . but things change.  Anyway, Aliese's friend let her barrow it cause she thought she would like it.  So . . . Aliese read it.  And loved it.  And in three days she finished the 212 paged book and started mopeing about the house like me with Harry Potter(but not as bad)  she looked to see if the library had the movie and after finding out that they did she couldn't stop saying "Oh I can't wait!" or "This is agony!" or "I can't wait much longer!" sounding like me when I have to go to the bathroom during the dishes.  Aliese reminded mom to get flipped millions of times before she went to the store, and when she got home we're like "Where is it?  Where is it?"  and she forgot it.  When she was gone me and Gracie got excited and anxious too.  Than when mom got back she made us wait a half hour till we watched it because she would be gone.  So we waited a stupid HALF HOUR!!!

Mom left.

There was no silence.  As soon as mom shut the door Aliese climbed down from her loft, I shut the computure and Gracie shut her mouth. We ran to the couch put the DVD in the DVD player and press menu.  There it was . . . . the menu . . . . we listend to the music for a sec than . . . . we pressed play.
        After about ninty minutes of laughing, sighing, crying, admiring, even yelling it ended.  Than we listened to the theme song "pretty little angel eyes" from the fifties(that's when it takes place) and danced to it.  Than it went back to the menu.  All was still.  Than me or Gracie asked if we could watch it again.  "Do you really want to?"  me and Gracie nodded.  So . . . . we watched it again!  It's the kind of movie you can watch over and over again and never get tired of.  It got better and better.  We probably have watched it eight times in five day.  I'm not kidding!  Plus the special features that we watched just as many times.  So we are really obsessed here.
       We quote it all the time.  And the actor who plays one of the main characters is from austrailia but he can talk with out the accent.  But in the special features he talks with it and I quote him all the time with the accent and Aliese laughs every time.  We have gone one whole day without watching it so that is pretty impressive.  I hope we can watch it at least one more time before mom takes it back.  I even had a dream about it.

Well got to go.  Love you!    

Thursday, September 20, 2012

4 thing to talk about

1.  I love the flute.  Partly because it's so easy, and I love the sound of it . . . I'm really excited!

2.  School is going great, I know I'm going to sound like my mom but I'm excited for this year.  We are lots more organized then we were last year.  We had our second week of wish a few days ago, I loved it, band lab is my favorite class I don't know why but it is.

3.  I have been writing a lot of stories lately, just the beginning but when I go down the list there are only a few I want to finish.  Every time I write a story I show it to Aliese and she gives me a big fat glare, and than she says "Another one?" so thank you Aliese you really know how to make someone feel loved.  I finished mom's favorite just the other day.  Most of my stories are fantasy  or love stories but the one I just finished was a children's book.

4.  The Walton's!!!!  Our new Little House on the Prairie!!!  We all love the characters and watch them any time we can, even during the dishes when I feel like my life is coming to an end I say "the Walton's" or "Harry Potter" over and over and over and over, and it really helps.

    It's late and I'm tired but I thought I should tell you what I have been up to.

   Love you     

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Green eggs and orange juice

   I have to take a big breath.

All right.  I just got done chasing Caleb up and down the stairs . . . why?  I will tell you.

      Me, Aliese, Gracie, Nathan, Caleb, Seth, and Luke were all watching a movie when Diane was making lunch(pancakes) The visiting teachers came knocking on the door.


Nathan walks out of the room and into the kitchen, Diane opens the door and says hi, I pause the TV and walk out of the room.  Everyone eventually makes it into the kitchen.  Nathan was in charge of the pancakes and we all stare at him.  The boys say stuff like . . . .

Hurry up Nathan!
Gross now the other one's dirty
Did you sneeze on them?

While me and Aliese are saying . . . .

Good job Nathan!
You can flip it now.
Wait a little longer.

 Anyway, Diane comes and takes a picture.  We all eat.
"I want an egg."Caleb said

So he makes an egg.

"That'sway to much salt"
"Did it break?"
"Will it taste good?"

 It looked good and he said it tasted good.So I asked if he would make me one . . . surprisingly he said yes.
"This is the first time I'v seen you do something like this Caleb!"  Gracie says
    "Thanks Gracie that makes me tingle inside."Me and Gracie laugh and he starts to make the egg.  I don't eat . . . I'm to worried about what I'm going to put in my mouth.  So while everyone is eating I was wondering what would most likely happen after I eat the egg.  Well, the egg was done and on my plate . . . this was the big moment, my options were to eather runaway and say I have to go to the bathroom or be nice try the stupid egg and move on.  Well it just so happens I choose to try the stupid egg and move on.
     Wait.  Salty . . . . . rich . . . okay I like it.  The yoke poured all over my plate.
"This is when you do this." Caleb said and he picked up my fork and dipped it in the yoke.
"Grose!"I screamed when almost shoved it into my mouth, I flew arms in the air and nearly fell over, the fork flew in the air and landed on the floor in a goopy, eggy, and soggy mess.
"Your cleaning this up!" I said and he said the same thing, abra cadabra an argument.  It lasted about five minuts everyone staring at me and Caleb yelling at each other.

Remember. The visiting teachers are in the next room.

"Guys! Caleb, if you get the paper towls downstairs you don't have to clean up the mess!"
"Why can't I get them!"
"You can."
       Me and Caleb looked at each other for half a secent befor we darted for the stairs.  It just so happens the visiting sisters are blocking the stairs.  Caleb finds a way to get pass them while I was standing there looking stupid tempted to scream move old ladies!

Anyway, their was yelling,and there was running, and there was toilet paper and there were thanks(only to Nathan cause he ended up cleaning up the mess)but there were no I'm sorries in this story.

Friday, June 15, 2012

We have a new member in our family

I am so so SO sorry to say this(I guess I'm not SO sorry)but I hate it when Aliese sits on the piano bench. Do you know why?  Because when she sits on the piano bench she starts to play the piano.  Do you know what happens when she plays the piano?  A monster controls my body.  Do you know what that monster is full of?  Hate.  Don't get me wrong I don't hate Aliese I hate the song that she plays.

                                                                   It is called . . . .

Paparazzi.  (shivers) The song from Lady Gaga, well Greyson Chance(eye roll) Aliese's sun, star, life, and future husband(in other words she is head over heals) has made up his own version on the piano and Aliese learned it, and when she played the song on the piano for the first time in her life. . . . she never stopped.  It is the song that I hear when I'm eating breakfast, it is the song that I hear when I am eating lunch, dinner, when she is sad, angery, happy, or anything, it is the song that I play over and over again in my head at night!  Of course when that happens at night I concentrate more on things like. . . well I usually whisper things like. . . 

 Should I put something in my ear so I can't hear?
 How is Aliese going to get married?
 Harry Potter
 I'm going to bed

So ya I hate the song a lot.  And here's the bad part, she doesn't just play it she(shivers) sings it.  Oi.
 So when she starts singing. . .  . well you know(I do not want to mention the name) so when she start singing you-know-what I start humming the Harry Potter theme song. Sadly, it does not work.
                 Well I'm going to look on the bright side now, I am learning the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song and I LOVE it so it is time Aliese gets a taste of her own medicine.

good luck Aliese.  

Friday, June 1, 2012


Harry . . . .

Ron . . . .

Hermione . . . .

love . . . .

friendship . . . .

Ron and Hermione . . . .

Ginny and Harry . . . .

seven . . .

magic . . . .

Harry Potter . . . .

                                                            I am sad.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I refuse to believe the truth

NO!!! WHY!!! And a little more of NO!!! are pretty much how my days turn out . . . and . . . well . . . that's how my days start out to.

   Oh ya . . .

  I'm talking about Harry Potter.

One second I was all excited about Harry and Ginny getting together in the sixth and then I was two chapters away from the end of the seventh!  So all that's left to do is to scream NO!!! WHY!!! And a little more of NO!!! So now (sniff) it is all done.


Seriously, I'm really scared.  I feel sad.  I read Harry Potter.  I'm bored.  I read Harry Potter.  Now I have nothing to do.  It's like I was born into a new, different, dull, world.  Harry made everything all right, I could escape my troubles and fears and go into a world of magic and love and . . . . well . . . . Harry's world.  Imagine this, I'm a pancake and I just got flipped onto the other side of life.  It's like I had my life planed, right in front of me, all in my hands, and then when Harry went it went too.
        The night I finished it I cried so hard! And when I mentioned him in my personal prayers I cried again, and I almost cried today when Aliese told me to go read(she just forgot)  At some point every day I come out of the room with a very sad and depressed face and mom or Aliese say "Whats wrong, oh-" I don't even move and they give me a oh Harry Potter look.  

                                                    wish me luck for the rest of my life

Friday, April 13, 2012

just a peak at my imagination . . . .

What I think about is kind of funny so enjoy. . . .

1.  For a while I have been thinking how I'm going to decorate my baby's room.  It's fun.  I have only been thinking of girl bedrooms of course cause I now I'm going to have a girl.  It was just a few months ago that there is the tiniest chance that I'll have a boy!  So I tried to think of boy bedrooms, but I could not thing of anything!  So I'll stick to the girl bedroom.
     I imagine the walls painted dark red, and have a big mirror on the wall.  I want her name on the wall some where,  then her crib will be that dark cherry wood with white lacy pillows and blanket (of course those are just for decorations)

2.  I always thought that our family could be a comity show.  Especially at dad's house cause there are nine of us including dad and Dian.  Not to mention Nathan and Caleb are always really funny.  When we were at dad's we went to the BYU creamery, there is only one table that we can all fit in so every time we go there we get that table.  Anyway we were just talking and laughing and this old lady comes up to us ans says" I have been staring at you for so long and I just want you to know that it is wonderful to have a big family like this." and than she left, we did not know who she was!
          The boys are always quoting movies which is always funny.  The last time we went to dad's, the night we got there Nathan was quoting like crazy, one night him and Dian were quoting Dr. Suess, they quoted like every single word!

3.And of course I think about my play, it's in less than two weeks!  I got my lines down but I'm just worried about the other people in the play.  There is this one part where we are all really mad at one person and we are suppose to yell at her and all pounce on her at once, there isn't  supposed to be  a little brake were all supposed to yell at her, well the last time we did the play we all just stared  at each other fora long time we were all thinking. . . .
  who's going to yell first
  what do I do know
would someone hurry up and yell at her
  I of course am just thinking the last one.  I'm not supposed to yell at her and I am very glad I don't have to.


   Well of course I think about way more stuff but those are the main things.  Love you!

Monday, February 27, 2012

I feel creative

So the other day I was board so I got on Microsoft Works and did this little thing.
                                                      Smile like you Mean it
                                                       Love like you Need to
                                                     Laugh cause you Want to
                                                         Live cause you Love

It looks better when it was on Microsoft Works cause it was pretty colors and really cool fonts.  It gives me goose bumps every time I read it.  And I did make it up by myself.  I'll have to post some pics of it, it looks really pretty.  I love it.  I got the idea from Danielle's new poster Smile like you mean it.  Thanks Danielle! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

So Steve . . .

  When mom and Steve were dating and me Gracie, and Aliese were starting to really like him we were having dinner with him and I say "So Steve . . . . what's your favorite color?" and than he said "Er. . . Blue," (big surprise) than maybe a few weeks later we went out to eat and I asked totally forgetting that I had already asked that "So Steve . . . . what's your favorite color?"  and he answered "blue" and apparently later on I said it one more time and he thought it was a joke so now I say it once in a while to be funny and sometimes he says a different color like pink.  So one time after all that I wasn't going to ask him what his favorite color was but I said . . .

me: So Steve-

Steve: BLUE

 me: What are you . . . oh!Ha ha ha!  I wasn't going to say that.

Steve: Oh ha ha!

So anyway I just thought you would want to know. It's kinda funny. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Oh me me!PICK ME!!!!"

No it is not me that says it, not mom not Steve not Aliese.  Oh yes. Gracie. She says it all the time, do you know when she says it, when we are going to say a prayer.  She does not like prayer's at all! she just wants to eat the food or go to bed.  So when ever she says the prayer she says it really fast! She says the same thing every time! It really bugs me.  I know your going to say "she's little at least she says prayer's a lot" but when she groans every time someone else is picked and yells "ME!" every time your going to say a prayer it is really annoying!  Here are her prayer's

 Heavenly Father
Please bless that we can have a good day tomorrow
Please bless that me Anna and Aliese can get married in the temple
Bless the food
In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

And that is the end, she says it really fast and sometimes blesses Daniel and Clay. 

Well to kind of change the subject after we get home from church or any time Gracie get's the piano bench and teaches primary. Really she does, she leads the music and calls people up to say the prayer or talk or scripture it's funny.  She calls up Annie a lot (imaginary person)Well that's Gracie very imaginative.  Well that's about it love you!  

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink White and a little more Pink

Is Pink nit the number one color of Valentines Day?   Do you need the color Pink for Valentines Day?   Of course you need Pink!  You should always have Pink paper.  AND WE DON'T!!! So we need to go shopping to get Pink paper.  We could buy some paper that has a print on it too.  We can walk to Micheal's it is so cool! I LOVE Micheal's! I could spend Hours there.
      I love making Valentines.  Maybe Grandma could help us make some cute ones! If you want Grandma.  I love doing art! Cutting, gluing, coloring, I love it all.

                                                                    Love you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Play

No we did not do the play we just practiced it. It took SO LONG we didn't even get through half of it! Miss Jodie(the teacher) told us over and over again to make sure the audience see's you and hears you!  Cameron kept on getting in front of the people so the audience could only see the back of Cameron. He was yelling the hole time!  My step mother is a lot shorter then me so when I'm right next to her I look like a giant it's really funny!  We didn't even plan that, but it's really funny!
    It is so fun!  It was my first rehearsal and I loved it! I want to do it again!  It was so funny! I was kind of nervous at first but after a while it was really fun, I guess that's how it always is.  I just want to say something.
                                                             I love drama
                                                           It is so much fun

                                                                 I love it                                                 

Monday, January 16, 2012

new classes!!!

Mom had the idea to do some P.E classes with three family's because they don't do much P.E either.  We meet on Fridays, today is our second week.  Last time only one family came, so only me, mom, Aliese, Gracie, a boy named Cameron, and his dad.  His dad worked us so hard, my legs hurt all week.  We did jumping jacks, shuffled, gallop, spinning, jumping, bounding, running, skipping, limbo, bear crawl, and leap frog.  Yes.  It was that much. There was an award, Cameron's dad said he would give the winner a "crisp buck" me and Cameron won but I didn't want the dollar so Cameron got it.  My legs hurt for five days!
    My next class is with my friends mom and my friend.  We are doing science!!! I love science! We are going to do some science experiments.  I haven't done any yet we start on Wednesday.  It's just me and my friend and her mom.  I cant wait!
       We start WISH tomorrow, but we don't have any new classes.  I want to go to drama so bad it's going to be so fun getting ready for the play! I want to ask if we get costumes I love costumes even though I would wear rags.  My art class used to be really easy but we are getting more advanced! We are fallowing a book and we get to learn how to draw hands.!!! I am not good at hands.
                                                     Love you!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There is a talent show at WISH and me and Aliese are going to sing a song.  Mom is playing the piano and I am singing lower and Aliese is singing normal.  I know you want to know what we are singing so . . . . Sisters. We are singing Sisters from white Christmas.It's so FUN and we know the song really well we were going to sing sunrise sunset but we didn't know it at all.  It's PERFECT because were SISTERS I love singing it.  And I'm not nervous at all.  It's such a funny song so we end up laughing I hope we don't do that when we preform.  It even brought me and Aliese closer, we aren't getting in as many fights.  I wish I could type more but I don't know what to say so . . . . . Love you!!!!   

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My goal this year

So I have been writing in my journal lately and I was writing kind of side ways and I saw on the back of my journal cover some words.  So I go to that page  and the page had nothing on it except some wors in my hand writing Choose to be Happy.  Amy made a blue sign for my mom that says Choose to be Happy.  It makes me so happy looking at it.  Thank you Amy!!!
       A few months ago when Steve was putting in the dish washer,and something went wrong, and one of us asked a question.  Mom thought he would get mad but he didn't, he answered and went back to work with out an angry word.  Mom told me when we were in bed she asked him why he didn't get mad and he said "That choose to be happy sign up there, I believe it it's a choice."and it is and this year I'm going to choose to be happy.  Mom said I was the peace maker in the family once and she said I'm really positive.  So my goal this year is to always try to be happy.  COOL  I  HAVE  A  GOAL!!!!   So not much left to say so Love You and thank you  Amy!!!!!