Friday, February 24, 2012

So Steve . . .

  When mom and Steve were dating and me Gracie, and Aliese were starting to really like him we were having dinner with him and I say "So Steve . . . . what's your favorite color?" and than he said "Er. . . Blue," (big surprise) than maybe a few weeks later we went out to eat and I asked totally forgetting that I had already asked that "So Steve . . . . what's your favorite color?"  and he answered "blue" and apparently later on I said it one more time and he thought it was a joke so now I say it once in a while to be funny and sometimes he says a different color like pink.  So one time after all that I wasn't going to ask him what his favorite color was but I said . . .

me: So Steve-

Steve: BLUE

 me: What are you . . . oh!Ha ha ha!  I wasn't going to say that.

Steve: Oh ha ha!

So anyway I just thought you would want to know. It's kinda funny. 


  1. That is so funny :) I can totally imagine it all! Love you!!!

  2. hahah i love it- so funny. did you see the pic of maddie in your headband on my blog? i just posted it. it looks SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE ON HER! i love it- love you

  3. That IS funny. I like all your did bits. Keep 'em coming. Love you!

  4. hahahahha, you are so funny Anna! I love your blogs! love and miss you!!!!

  5. Anna, your writing is improving all the time. They are funny, and it is a record of our normal conversations and things that go on everyday. Thank you. I love you.