Monday, February 27, 2012

I feel creative

So the other day I was board so I got on Microsoft Works and did this little thing.
                                                      Smile like you Mean it
                                                       Love like you Need to
                                                     Laugh cause you Want to
                                                         Live cause you Love

It looks better when it was on Microsoft Works cause it was pretty colors and really cool fonts.  It gives me goose bumps every time I read it.  And I did make it up by myself.  I'll have to post some pics of it, it looks really pretty.  I love it.  I got the idea from Danielle's new poster Smile like you mean it.  Thanks Danielle! 


  1. that's great! quotes that I made up for ME are the ones that inspire me the most. My "Choose to be happy" quote has helped me so much in my life, because I believed it and needed it, so I'm sure this quote will do the same for you! I love you!

  2. I think your quote is really nice and to think you did it by yourself really great!!! I read the 2 earlier posts and it looks like you are enjoying having Steve around. That is really great, as he loves and takes good care of all of you. Gracie, teaches primary, I think that is really a wonderful imagination to have. As for the praying she will grow into it. Love you Anna, Hugs

  3. very cool you creative soul!! love and miss you!!!

  4. I miss you. It is a beautiful poem or saying. Do you think it is a poem or a saying? I love you.