Monday, November 4, 2013

Lasagna Scene

       So a while ago mom got this lasagna somewhere and we were heating it up in the oven for dinner.  Alises was making salad and asked me to stick my finger in the lasagna to see if it was ready or not.  So I open the burning hot oven and stick my clean finger in the dinner.  And now I am washing off my finger.  This scene shows the stupider side of me. 

Aliese:  Well?

Anna:  Well?

Alises:  How did it feel?

Anna:  Gushy.

Alises:  Oh really?  Well was it warm?

Anna:  Ya, it was warm.

Alises:  Warm enough to take out?

Anna:  Sure, take it out.

(Aliese roles her eyes)

Aliese:  Well I didn't tell you to stick your finger in their for a good time!

Anna:  Oh . . . . do you want me to check again.

Aliese:  Yes!

(After I stick my finger in their once again)

Alises:  Well?

Anna:  Well?

Alises:  How did the stupid lasagna feel?

Anna:  Gushy.

       It turned out to be done and miraculously didn't burn.  Though my finger was smashed into the noodles twice it still tasted good.  We thought it was funny.  Also this was more resent and much more violent.  We were having chopped potatoes for dinner and I had just been insulted by my sister Aliese, who thankfully was sitting right across from me at the table.  Me, being angry at my sister picked up a chunk of potato, put it on my fork (not meaning anything at all to happen, just thought the potato would fall back on my plate) I flick the potato across the table, it hits Aliese right in the middle of her forehead and slides down her nose.  We had a good laugh.  It reminds me of something Elle would do.  Just thought I should post one more thing before I tell you my inspiration. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just a thought that has to be said

Ha!!!  Ha!!!  I enjoyed your similar comments.  I hate to say it but you guys know me so well, a boy would defiantly be some inspiration to me and I would believe you if you insisted that this was the true reason.  But sadly, you are terribly mistaken.  It's not a boy.

Am I killing you yet? 

Friday, November 1, 2013

My guitar life is on a role . . . but it most likly won't last long.

         I' v been playing the guitar like crazy.  Every time I would play it my finger tips would hurt, now I officially have calluses.  The guitar is no longer Steve's and I call it "my" guitar without even noticing.  But when Steve is in the house and I'd say "Steve can you hand me my guitar."  He looks at me "What guitar?  Who's guitar?" "Your guitar." and sometimes when I'm really tired or out of sorts I say "The guitar."
         Before it would take me a month to finish a song.  Now in the past month I' v written and rewriting five of the best songs I' v ever written.  And sometimes when I have one of my own songs stuck in my head (that's the worst) and I'm singing it Aliese goes "What song are you singing?" and giggle and say "Mine." and Aliese goes "Oh.  Well now I can't even tell the difference."  Great, right?
         I know what the inspiration is and I'm afraid to tell you cause I know you'll take it the wrong way and joke me about it the rest of my life.  So just to give you something to think about I'll leave you in suspense a while.  And I don't even know if I'll ever tell you.  Leave your hunches in the comments if you must but know I will not be returning any to you.
         Who knows, maybe it will last.