Friday, January 31, 2014

My number a crushes. (giggle)

         The title isn't what it sounds like.  Well . . . I guess it is, but it really doesn't seem to creepy to me.

         My little boy crushes started with a boy maybe four.  His name was Amman with wavy blond hair and the sweetest, biggest, brown eyes you can imagine.  You could run up to him in church with open arms and without even saying the words he will hug you and kiss you on your cheeks.  My first heartbreak was moving out of that ward and moving away from him.
          My second little boy crush is now five years old, my ballet teacher's little boy.  He has bright blond hair and blue eyes.  I love him not only because of his adorableness but because of the cute things he says.  Like this:
One day I started singing Beauty and the Beast when Andrew (the little boy) came up to me and said "Don't sing that song it will make me cry!" and I said "Why would it make you cry?"  and he said "Because it's so pretty!"  How could anyone resist that from a little boy?
          Skipping a couple of little boy crushes I will hump to my current little boy crush.  Through the years m little boy crushes have gotten older.  Not to old!  My oldest is eight.  This kid just highlights my day every time I see him.  Aaron, he is a Hispanic, with dark hair, dark eyelashes (That is my favorite) and the CUTEST smile.  He blushes every time I smile at him.  He has a two year old sister who he simply adores and it is the curtest thing to see them play together.
          Also, I saw a little boy in Lizzie's ward who is Tanner's friend, who looks like the mini virsion of my celebrity crush.  How could a girl resist that? 
          And of course their always my celebrity little boy crushes.  Steve gave us the movie Oliver the musical for Christmas.  Oh my gosh, Oliver is SO adorable!
           And Jason.

          Just some things that highlight my days.