Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There is a talent show at WISH and me and Aliese are going to sing a song.  Mom is playing the piano and I am singing lower and Aliese is singing normal.  I know you want to know what we are singing so . . . . Sisters. We are singing Sisters from white Christmas.It's so FUN and we know the song really well we were going to sing sunrise sunset but we didn't know it at all.  It's PERFECT because were SISTERS I love singing it.  And I'm not nervous at all.  It's such a funny song so we end up laughing I hope we don't do that when we preform.  It even brought me and Aliese closer, we aren't getting in as many fights.  I wish I could type more but I don't know what to say so . . . . . Love you!!!!   


  1. That is so fun. That is the best scene of that movie. Good luck! I would love it if someone taped it and put it on the blog. Love you!

  2. I am so excited that I get to see it!!! I am going to try to tape it on my iphone. I hope it works. I should probably practice before I do it for your performance. It's great to have things like that to bring us closer. Yea for home school! love you!!!!

  3. YES! I love that song! You guys will do so great! I'm glad you guys are getting closer :) It's so nice to be close to sisters. LOVE YOU!