Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I refuse to believe the truth

NO!!! WHY!!! And a little more of NO!!! are pretty much how my days turn out . . . and . . . well . . . that's how my days start out to.

   Oh ya . . .

  I'm talking about Harry Potter.

One second I was all excited about Harry and Ginny getting together in the sixth and then I was two chapters away from the end of the seventh!  So all that's left to do is to scream NO!!! WHY!!! And a little more of NO!!! So now (sniff) it is all done.


Seriously, I'm really scared.  I feel sad.  I read Harry Potter.  I'm bored.  I read Harry Potter.  Now I have nothing to do.  It's like I was born into a new, different, dull, world.  Harry made everything all right, I could escape my troubles and fears and go into a world of magic and love and . . . . well . . . . Harry's world.  Imagine this, I'm a pancake and I just got flipped onto the other side of life.  It's like I had my life planed, right in front of me, all in my hands, and then when Harry went it went too.
        The night I finished it I cried so hard! And when I mentioned him in my personal prayers I cried again, and I almost cried today when Aliese told me to go read(she just forgot)  At some point every day I come out of the room with a very sad and depressed face and mom or Aliese say "Whats wrong, oh-" I don't even move and they give me a oh Harry Potter look.  

                                                    wish me luck for the rest of my life


  1. Read it again! Who says you have to stop after once? Or find something new to read. There are so many great stories!

  2. Hahahahhaha you are so funny! LOVE YOU. I'd say find something new to read, but you prob won't find something as great as Harry Potter. "This too, shall pass" :)

  3. hahha. Oh my gosh I totally remember those days! Can you imagine having to WAIT for each of the books to come out? When I first read them only 4 were out, so I had to wait at LEAST a year or more for each of them to come out! It was SO HARD! But while I was waiting I just read them over and over again. haha. It is sad! I love Harry. I'm so glad you do too. Love you!!!