Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Green eggs and orange juice

   I have to take a big breath.

All right.  I just got done chasing Caleb up and down the stairs . . . why?  I will tell you.

      Me, Aliese, Gracie, Nathan, Caleb, Seth, and Luke were all watching a movie when Diane was making lunch(pancakes) The visiting teachers came knocking on the door.


Nathan walks out of the room and into the kitchen, Diane opens the door and says hi, I pause the TV and walk out of the room.  Everyone eventually makes it into the kitchen.  Nathan was in charge of the pancakes and we all stare at him.  The boys say stuff like . . . .

Hurry up Nathan!
Gross now the other one's dirty
Did you sneeze on them?

While me and Aliese are saying . . . .

Good job Nathan!
You can flip it now.
Wait a little longer.

 Anyway, Diane comes and takes a picture.  We all eat.
"I want an egg."Caleb said

So he makes an egg.

"That'sway to much salt"
"Did it break?"
"Will it taste good?"

 It looked good and he said it tasted good.So I asked if he would make me one . . . surprisingly he said yes.
"This is the first time I'v seen you do something like this Caleb!"  Gracie says
    "Thanks Gracie that makes me tingle inside."Me and Gracie laugh and he starts to make the egg.  I don't eat . . . I'm to worried about what I'm going to put in my mouth.  So while everyone is eating I was wondering what would most likely happen after I eat the egg.  Well, the egg was done and on my plate . . . this was the big moment, my options were to eather runaway and say I have to go to the bathroom or be nice try the stupid egg and move on.  Well it just so happens I choose to try the stupid egg and move on.
     Wait.  Salty . . . . . rich . . . okay I like it.  The yoke poured all over my plate.
"This is when you do this." Caleb said and he picked up my fork and dipped it in the yoke.
"Grose!"I screamed when almost shoved it into my mouth, I flew arms in the air and nearly fell over, the fork flew in the air and landed on the floor in a goopy, eggy, and soggy mess.
"Your cleaning this up!" I said and he said the same thing, abra cadabra an argument.  It lasted about five minuts everyone staring at me and Caleb yelling at each other.

Remember. The visiting teachers are in the next room.

"Guys! Caleb, if you get the paper towls downstairs you don't have to clean up the mess!"
"Why can't I get them!"
"You can."
       Me and Caleb looked at each other for half a secent befor we darted for the stairs.  It just so happens the visiting sisters are blocking the stairs.  Caleb finds a way to get pass them while I was standing there looking stupid tempted to scream move old ladies!

Anyway, their was yelling,and there was running, and there was toilet paper and there were thanks(only to Nathan cause he ended up cleaning up the mess)but there were no I'm sorries in this story.


  1. Anna, I love it. Great story. I smiled all the way through it. Love you.

  2. Anna, Anna! Very well said. Love and miss you!!!