Sunday, March 17, 2013

Are you tired of me yet?

Can I just say thank you to all of you who gave me names.  If you must know I 'm just writing a story, and I hate it when I read a book and one of my least favorite names is the main character.  So, I am here today (once again) for my story.  I need funny events that happened in your life.  Or embarrassing  moments, times when you felt stupid maybe.  For example, one time I got on the phone with my dad and  I could barly hear him.  So I went to Aliese and told her to turn it up when I relized I was holding the phone up side down.  It could be as small and simple as that or as complicated as you want.  Maybe some cooking mistakes or something like that, anything would be a big help.  I know what your thinking, I'm basically writing the story for you, why would you even write a story if you didn't have any ideas?  But believe me I have plenty of ideas, I just need a few more.
Thank you so much.  I can't wait to read your comments.

Oh, and remeber when I was thinking about writing int third person, bad idea.  My post would be nothing but this:

Anna (the most beautiful lady in the land) woke up.
Then Anna (the most beautiful lady in the land) decided to eat breakfast.
But then Anna (the most beautiful lady in the land) had to do school.
And she did that.
Till Anna (the most beautiful lady in the land) got a . . . .

And so on.  Now tell me you rather hear something like that, or something like my normal posts?  Never mind.

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  1. ok embarassing story: when I was in 5th grade (i think) i read a story about shots in the classroom. I hate shots, so it made me feel light headed. I asked to go to the bathroom so I could go cry or calm down or something, but i fainted. Only problem is..... when I fainted I landed in what we called the "ball box", a large plastic round box that we held the recess balls in, and even lunchs- haha. Thankgoodness it was empty, but still, when I woke up- I was literally cuddled up in the ballbox. I awoke to a boy saying "Mrs. Kingman, uh... Amy's in the ball box" followed by laughter- haha. I thought it was a dream, until the laughter became more real, and i realized- this is not a dream, what the heck am I doing in the ball box?!!!! it was pretty embarrassing, especially for that age.