Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jason's many names

Jason has gotten a lot of names from me.  Some of which that don't make any sense, and others that make total sense.  Most just slip out at the most random times to describe what he looks like, what he's doing and what he smells like.

These are some of the nick names that I use when he is looking more fat then usual (which is more often then not.)

Sausage (makes total sense)
Lump of meat
Fat boy

These are some that I use when he is asleep and just too precious, are if he's smiling or doing anything irresistible:

Little boy
Little man
Teddy Bear
Cupcake (Makes no sense)

These are some of the names that I call him when I am mad at him becuase he spit up on my new outfit, won't stop pinching me in the same place, or keeps crying during the romantic part of the movie.

The kid
Spit up prince

just thought I'd say.

Oh, and just so you know, I don't really get mad at him i call him "Kid, grump, spit up prince, or pig," then look at him and say "But you are to cute!" and my mad feelings are gone.


  1. I tell Brighton he's being a grump many mornings. I have to say, "Lump of meat" is pretty original and I just love the "sausage" one.

  2. I don't now how I missed this, it is great! Love you sooo much Anna! Miss you!