Saturday, December 10, 2011

Orange salad

 I don't know why but a few mornings ago I was feeling spontaneous and we had Oranges,Mango's,and Prisimens. Prisimens are a fruit that look like tomato's. They don't have a lot of flavor, they are sweet and crispy. so you cut them in small pieces and TA DA orange salad! It's really good not to mention it's really pretty AND it is really easy. And you can top it with whipped cream that is healthy.

1: carton of cream

2: honey to taste
To change the subject at WISH I take cooking,drama,art,and nature science. Drama is my favorite and were doing a play in the spring and we are starting on it on Tuesday it's about Cinderella,Snow White,and Belle and how they marry the wrong people and they go to court or something. Love you!


  1. I just wrote a huge comment and my computer erased it!!!!! AGGGHHHH!! Okay I will start over. Your salad sounds nummy! I am so impressed that you did an experiment like that! I loved drama in High School. I was in 3 plays. It was by far my favorite part of High School. I got to be the supporting lead in two of the plays. That means you are on the stage most of the time and have lots of lines, but you are not the main character. I was the lead, which means the main character in the other play I was in. I played a murderess! It was so much fun. The thing I love about drama is learning how to be a completely different person and having people believe you. I loved it when my parents said that it scared them to see my face when I came down the stairs on stage and was preparing to murder someone. I loved it when someone screamed in the audience when I murdered someone, I knew then that I had made it believable! I can see you being an actress, but I would hope not on the big screen,because that is such a worldly place. But a community play, that could be really cool. Well, I'm glad you're blogging!!!love you!!!

  2. That sounds yummy. And I just love that you are in drama and that play sounds soooo fun! You'll have to tell us all about it once it starts! Love you!

  3. I'm not surprised Drama is your favorite. I bet you're really good at that. When I took a drama class in highschool, I would just giggle on stage and get embarrassed. I got a really bad grade. I didn't know whip cream was healthy :) I've never heard of those tomato things. Sounds yummy though! Luv you!

  4. that sounds like a yummy salad! and that drama class sounds like a blast. i've always thought you'd be a good star....on the stage. you are so gifted in that area. love you! and it is a beautiful background.

  5. I'm so glad you have your own blog now! That is so cool that you are taking all those classes! I wish i could haqve done that at your age! lucky! You are going to be so talented with everything that you are learning! I will take a pic of Maddie in her headband soon- it's hard for me to find time to do anything now adays- but I will try to take a pic! love you!